About Us

Platinum Homecare was established in 2013 with the idea of caring for our clients and hiring our staff within the communities they live.

  1. We are committed to providing Extraordinary Care to all patients with every contact, and to creating a relationship whereby each patient identifies Platinum Home Care as his/her home care agency for every need.
  2. We are committed to Visionary Growth such that we will seek best practices for patient outcomes, growing as appropriate by using new technology and creative methods to ensure the long-term financial strength of our organization.
  3. We value Synergy as a method to solve problems and develop best practices. We are committed to work together with our patients, their caregiver, physicians, hospitals, other health providers, and each other.
  4. We believe that only by People Development and Encouragement can we be an employer of choice.
  5. We want to be Transparent in all our activities such that all staff members can work in an open environment where there is a willingness to share information.
  6. We believe all people are their best when provided Empowerment with Accountability that allows them to make decisions with appropriate measures to track progress.